Reader Profile

Pick a celebrity (or television/movie character) that you are familiar with and develop a reader profile for that person based on what you knowabout them. 


In “Maid in Manhattan” Jennifer Lopez Lopez stars as Marisa Ventura.

Marisa is a 30 something year old Hispanic working as a maid in New York City. She is a single mother of a 10-year-old boy. She is a hard worker trying to make ends meet in ‘The Big Apple’.

Marisa attempts to balance work and family life to the best of her abilities. Her coworkers, son and mother make up her circle of influence and support. She can be described as a loving and attentive mom to her son, Ty. Throughout the movie, you see her supporting and encouraging Ty in his personal interests and education.


Marisa is not sloppy, messy, or un-kept. Although her clothes may not be fashionable or trendy due to her limited budget, you can tell she puts effort into her appearance.

In the movie we see that Marissa takes a lot pride in her duties as a maid. It’s clear that Marissa is an independent and outside the box thinker, but she is pushed by her mom to stick to a more conventional culture role.

Eventually, Marisa takes a leap of faith and puts her insecurities aside for a better employment opportunity.

Obviously there are a lot of other elements going on in this romantic comedy, but in the end, what we see is a woman whose ambition and determination take her career to a whole other level. Her attempts at at management leads her to starting her own successful business.


– MC

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