On Internal Communications

Find a company that does Internal Communications exceptionally well and write a blog post about why it’s important to them.


TD Bank is regularly listed as on of the top employer in Canada. TD Bank is extremely focused on employee engagement. They want to be Canada’s employer and bank of choice. By having an excellent internal communication strategy, employees have immediate access to information, open communication with management; they are socially engaged and connected. This not only creates a positive work environment, but also helps to build employee trust and loyalty to the company.

In 2014, TD made the cut on the following lists:

Canada’s Top 100 Employers
Financial Post’s Ten Best Companies to Work For
Greater Toronto’s Top 2014 Employers
Canada’s 50 Best Employers 2014 from Maclean’s


There are a number of criteria that must be met in order to receive such recognition.

According to The Best Companies to Work For competition, TD Bank’s work atmosphere, communications and employee engagement is rated as “exceptionalA+”

Let’s look at the role of internal communications as discussed in class, and how TD measures up.

Role of Internal communications

  • To inform employees about management decisions and business activities
  • To build confidence in management and the organization
  • To combat rumours and misunderstandings
  • To encourage internal cooperation and excellence
  • To recognize employee achievements
  • To promote employee well-being and safety
  • To generate employee pride

If you hit up the TD Bank website and click on the workplace tab, you will immediately see a page titled ‘Communications & Recognition’. Here, you can read up on how TD addresses the top 3 objectives of internal communications.

You can all also read here under ‘Employee Engagement’ on other employee celebration and recognition initiatives.  You can read up on their employee and management review methods. You can read about TD’s in-house surveys and how they seek outside consult every 6 months to ensure they have a good understanding of what’s happening with their people.

TD also offers a variety of training, education & development programs. They have invested over $67 million in training support last year.

TD Bank is one of Canada’s largest corporate donors. They support a variety of local and national charitable initiatives, directing millions of dollars to charities and non-profit agencies every year ($45.3 million last year).

There are a variety of other endeavors taken on by TD to promote a positive work culture. Many of these initiatives don’t work on their own, but rather as a part of a collaborative integrated HR & communications effort. With effort, TD has proven their internal communications tactics successful and has earned a reputation of being a top employer in Canada.

– MC


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