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The Visa online media kit for their ‘Visa Apple Pay’ service it pretty simple and basic and contains the following elements:

Press Release

Backgrounder in the form of a Blog Post


There are actually two press releases here.

First: Announcement of product to come

Second: Announcement of product not launched

There are three links to the Visa Tech Blog which it seems is being used as their “backgrounder” where more detailed information is available about the partnership and about how the services work.

The Visa corporate logo is available for download and use. There are also photos of the Visa Apple Pay being used on an iPhone through a series of staged photos.

visa-apple-pay-screenshot2 visa-apple-pay-screenshot1 visa-apple-pay-screenshot3

Is This News?

Yes, this is absolutely news.

The news is the launch of this partnership between Visa and Apple. Visa was announcing a new service that allowed customers to make mobile payment directly through iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. This was definetly news worthy as there was a lot of rumours and media coverage leading up to the launch of the new iPhone with regards to what new features the device would carry. There was a lot of interest in this new capability. This was definetly news worthy to the tech, financial , retail and telecom sectors.

The second release addressed the service having now launched, and actually addressed setting up Apple Pay, how to make a payment, and safety issues.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Kit?

I think the kit is strong.

It is very short. The messages are to the point.

In the press release they addressed the partnership, the technology, and the upcoming launch concisely. You were able to obtain more in depth information if needed on their Visa Tech Blog.

The press release wasn’t lost in technical jargon, and I personally was able to understand fully the new service they were offering their users and why it would be relevant to me.

– MC


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