On Our Guest Speaker

Write about something you learned from Leona that is interesting to you.

Yesterday we had special guest Leona Hobbs come and speak to our post graduate Public Relations class.

Who is Leona?

Leona Hobbs is a Toronto-based marketing and communications professional with expertise in social media and digital marketing. She is a graduate of Loyalist College and has spent time in leading global PR firm Fleishman-Hillard Canada Inc. as Vice President of Marketing Communications plus much, much, much more.

The question being posed today is: what did I learn from Leona that is interesting to me?

Leona talked a bout a variety of topics yesterday related to Converged Digital Marketing. What does this mean? Unfortunately, I cannot explain that in a single blog post, nor do I intend to.

While she presented a lot of useful, informative, and relevant information to the class, what stuck with me was Leona’s confidence.

And that is the resounding message I left with. Confidence.

Having confidence in myself.

Confidence in my skills.

Confidence in my work.

Confidence in my abilities.

Confidence in the value of my work.

Leona is a woman with 15 years of experience behind her. She has years of expertise and knowledge. She has learned through work experience and also self-teaching. She has stayed on top of emerging trends and technologies. She has grown with an ever-changing industry and has a reputation that has allowed her work with some pretty sweet brands and clients like Maple Leaf Foods, Sony PlayStation, Ford Motor Company, CNN, and more. (You can read up on Leona on her linked in profile)

She is inexcusably self-assured and cool… and I like it. No actually, I love it.

A lot of times I find myself putting into question what I know I know.

This ladies and gentlemen, is called insecurity.

I realize that I am still growing and learning as I make my way through the Public Relations Program. I know that the more I put into practice the things we are learning in class, the more secure I’ll be when executing tasks. But having confidence in what I do know RIGHT NOW is still important.

This was highlighted even more when discussing the art & science of pricing.

Leona showed us a pricing sheet and a statement of work she presented to a potential client. She didn’t get the business. And she was totally fine with that.


I know that right now as a student I’ve already worked on projects that have been successful and yielded quantifiable results. I know that I will continue to expand my skills as I gain further educational and professional experience. I also hope to put these skills to use in the organizations where I volunteer.

Not everyone is going to understand what I do as a Public Relations professional – and that’s totally cool.

But like Leona, I plan on having confidence in my work, it’s value and it’s worth.



  1. Hey Maria! Thanks for this post. I’m flattered that you were inspired by my confidence. Please understand that there I have moments when I’m wracked by self-doubt. I’d encourage you to work on becoming an excellent listener. Communication is a dialogue and as public relations practitioners, we fixate on the telling/talking/message part of the business and frequently neglect to listen.

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