My post about ‘anything’.

Write a post about anything you want. 

Write about anything I want. Anything. I want.

What do I want to write about?

I don’t know!

Funny what creative freedom can do.

Also funny, that someone who normally has no shortage of words – spoken words that is – can find nothing to write about.


(That someone is me in case you were wondering)

It’s ironic how the gift of gab doesn’t translate into the gift of writing.

I wonder why that is.

In the time I’ve spent overthinking this blog post, I’ve come to realize that for me it’s more about the fear of putting it all out there.

When you’re speaking words out loud, they are usually with someone in the form of a conversation. You’re telling a story, sharing ideas, giving an opinion. .

Conversations can be heated. Casual. Silly. Meaningless. It’s fun. I love talking. I love listening to others perspectives and understanding their views. It’s a dialogue.

But in writing – you’re really putting it all out there for everyone to read. To absorb. To take in.

I’ve written an idea before. A feeling. Only to read it later and realize writing-1024x1024that’s not what I really meant. In conversation there is room to clarify, explain, elaborate – but somehow writing it makes it more… concrete.

Okay, maybe it’s not so much about writing it, but more so writing and hitting the blue publish button on the upper right hand side of your screen.

But I guess that’s the point. When you’re writing, before you hit publish, before you submit your paper to your professor for marking, before you hand over your media kit to a journalist, the question isn’t “can you write”? The question is “did you tell your story?” and most importantly, “was your story received?”

I was wrong to call conversations meaningless. They aren’t. Every time we interact with someone, we tell them a bit of our own story with how we interacted with them.

How well did you communicate?


That’s what it all comes down to. Effective communication is certainly not a one way street.

What are you saying? Why are you saying it? Who are you saying it to?

What’s your message? Who is your audience? Why do they care?

Are you clear? Does it make sense? Can you say it better?

These are all questions i’ve been asked to ponder in my writing class. But these are also all questions we should have ourselves when we are talking to others. As future PR professionals and business communicators – it’s important to make sure we not only writing with purpose, but also speaking with purpose. You never know what story you’re telling.


– MC


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