Pitch It, Pitch It Real Good.

The task at hand today is to deliver 3 pitches based off our internship roles. My internship will take place at the office of Mr. Todd Smith, MPP for Prince Edward-Hastings.

What does a pitch entail?

Well, a pitch is a story idea, but not just any story – a story that is relevant to the media source in question and of value to their audience. The pitch itself should explain the aforementioned, and should explain it clearly and quickly.

So here goes!

TARGETED MEDIA: Loyalist College – On Campus Blog

STORY IDEA: Review of Internship at office of Todd Smith, MPP – This article would be an internship reflection from Public Relations student -Maria Menjivar. Maria would discuss the relevant work experience she obtained at the office of Mr. Todd Smith, MPP. She would talk about the importance of having a supportive internship and a good mentor, as well as how she believes this internship opportunity will help her with her professional development.

TARGETED MEDIA: Inside Belleville (Metroland Media) – Community Section

STORY IDEA: Regular Column featuring activities from MPP’s Office

What exactly does a Member of Provincial Parliament do?

How do you become one?

What role do they play?

These are many of the questions I’ve been asked since sharing the news of my internship. I’ve come to learn that many residents, myself included, aren’t fully aware of the role and responsibilities of a Member of Provincial Parliament.

I think it would be relevant and informative for local residents to have a regular column they can read featuring the “going-on’s” of our elected MPP’s office. The column would highlight services offered though the MPP’s office, individual stories of people who have been assisted by the MPP’s office, as well as highlights of Mr. Smith’s work at Queens Park. As residents of Prince Edward-Hastings, it’s important for us to know how we are being supported and represented by our MPP, and to know that he is accessible and transparent in his work.

TARGETED MEDIA: Lasting Connections – Loyalist College Alumni publication.

STORY IDEA:  Todd Smith, Alumni Profile – Todd Smith is not only a proud graduate of the Loyalist College Radio Broadcasting program, but has also been a strong supporter of the college and students. He has served as a member of the College’s Broadcast Journalism advisory committee and also the Journalism-Online, Print and Broadcast program. Prior to his role as MPP, Mr. Smith led a successful career in his chosen field having held the position of News Director for Quinte Broadcasting. This story will highlight the road to Mr. Smith’s professional success, contain advice and tips, and also feature fun anecdotes of lessons learned along the way.

– MC

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