I’m all ears.

Write a blog post about something you've learned in the Public Relations Program.

There is no public relations without communication.

And there is no communication without effective messaging.

There is no effective messaging without understanding your audience.

And you can only know your audience when you take the time to listen to them and recognize what is relevant and important to them.

Communication is at the heart of all we do, and not just within the confines of this industry. But in order to be a great communicator, you must be a good listener.fox_allears

The Loyalist Public Relations program has taught me the value of effective listening.

Communication is a dialogue. Often times, we become fixated on the telling/talking/messaging part of the equation and can neglect listening all together.

When someone is talking to you, it’s a learning opportunity. It’s a chance to get to know them, what matters, what resonates with them. It’s an opportunity to build a relationship (cough cough… public relations). It’s through this relationship building that you will learn how to most successfully convey, to that specific audience, YOUR message.

Great listening will give you the ability to create a message that is:

Thoughtful     Targeted        Strategic

And hopefully received.



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