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Bustwriters, Writebusters and Ghostwriting or something.



Not the early 90’s PBS children’s mystery television show, but a ghostwriter as in one who does ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting is when a writer writes content that is officially credited to another person. Many public figures, artists, organizations and even writers use ghostwriters. A ghostwriter can have varying degrees of involvement in the production of work – from editing to actually doing all of the writing.

What’s your take on Ghostwriting in 2015?

Ghostwriting is a legitimate, recognized profession. The Writers Union of Canada actually maintains a list of members who are willing to do ghost writing.

In class we discussed the ethical considerations of ghostwriting.

The main issues being with transparency, honesty and ownership.

One of the questions asked was: Are you being honest with your audience?

I’m conflicted. To me, ghostwriting is just like any other business transaction. If you’re a good ghostwriter, shouldn’t the end result be that no one can tell what you wrote was written by anyone other than the credited author?

If a ghostwriter was able to effectively get “in the mind” of a person/organization and craft written content that was true to their vision and voice, is that dishonest?JAMES

I don’t know.

What do I do know, is that I certainly felt cheated when I found out James Patterson’s books are written by a ‘team’ of people… but it’s very clearly his name dominating every book cover.

The following are two examples of effective and ineffective ghostwriting under the premise of transparency and honesty.


Rebels: City of Indra – Young Adults Novel

By Kendall & Kylie Jenner (Ghostwritten by Maya Sloan)

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the credited authors of this young adults novel, but the two sisters didn’t actually write the book. This “revelation” stirred some controversy online with many calling out the girls for being frauds and whatnot. However, in this case, Kendall and Kylie never claimed to be sole authors of this book and regularly acknowledged the team that helped them write the book. In fact, Maya Sloan, the ghostwriter, did a lot of interviews with the sisters, photo-ops and is mentioned in the title pages of the book. In this case, there was a lot of  transparency regarding the creative process.

girl online

Girl Online – Young Adults Novel

By Zoe Sugg (Ghostwritten by Siobhan Curham)

This was the debut novel of English internet celebrity Zoe Sugg. Zoe Sugg is a fashion and beauty video blogger and a popular internet personality. Allegations surfaced that the book was ghostwritten and sparked a social media frenzy. Unlike Kendall and Kylie’s book, Zoe did all promotions for the novel and took full credit as author. It wasn’t until the allegations surfaced that Zoe made mention of a collaborative team. She only later admitted to being given “help” in writing the book. Although she insisted the story and characters were hers, the damage was already done. Fans felt lied to and began to question her authenticity. Zoe’s ghostwriter Siobhan Curham was not able to give details about her involvement due to legal reasons, thus increasing the cloud hanging over the project, and “author” Zoe Sugg.

Like I said, i’ve yet to fully develop an opinion on this whole “is Ghostwriting ethical” question. As someone who struggles in the art of written word, I happened to land upon a great Forbes article that sums up all the jumbled thoughts I had on the topic. It’s as though the article was ghost written for me.

There’s some good stuff up there (up there being my brain)… It just needs some help getting out… who am I gonna call?


– MC


I’m all ears.

Write a blog post about something you've learned in the Public Relations Program.

There is no public relations without communication.

And there is no communication without effective messaging.

There is no effective messaging without understanding your audience.

And you can only know your audience when you take the time to listen to them and recognize what is relevant and important to them.

Communication is at the heart of all we do, and not just within the confines of this industry. But in order to be a great communicator, you must be a good listener.fox_allears

The Loyalist Public Relations program has taught me the value of effective listening.

Communication is a dialogue. Often times, we become fixated on the telling/talking/messaging part of the equation and can neglect listening all together.

When someone is talking to you, it’s a learning opportunity. It’s a chance to get to know them, what matters, what resonates with them. It’s an opportunity to build a relationship (cough cough… public relations). It’s through this relationship building that you will learn how to most successfully convey, to that specific audience, YOUR message.

Great listening will give you the ability to create a message that is:

Thoughtful     Targeted        Strategic

And hopefully received.


Pitch It, Pitch It Real Good.

The task at hand today is to deliver 3 pitches based off our internship roles. My internship will take place at the office of Mr. Todd Smith, MPP for Prince Edward-Hastings.

What does a pitch entail?

Well, a pitch is a story idea, but not just any story – a story that is relevant to the media source in question and of value to their audience. The pitch itself should explain the aforementioned, and should explain it clearly and quickly.

So here goes!

TARGETED MEDIA: Loyalist College – On Campus Blog

STORY IDEA: Review of Internship at office of Todd Smith, MPP – This article would be an internship reflection from Public Relations student -Maria Menjivar. Maria would discuss the relevant work experience she obtained at the office of Mr. Todd Smith, MPP. She would talk about the importance of having a supportive internship and a good mentor, as well as how she believes this internship opportunity will help her with her professional development.

TARGETED MEDIA: Inside Belleville (Metroland Media) – Community Section

STORY IDEA: Regular Column featuring activities from MPP’s Office

What exactly does a Member of Provincial Parliament do?

How do you become one?

What role do they play?

These are many of the questions I’ve been asked since sharing the news of my internship. I’ve come to learn that many residents, myself included, aren’t fully aware of the role and responsibilities of a Member of Provincial Parliament.

I think it would be relevant and informative for local residents to have a regular column they can read featuring the “going-on’s” of our elected MPP’s office. The column would highlight services offered though the MPP’s office, individual stories of people who have been assisted by the MPP’s office, as well as highlights of Mr. Smith’s work at Queens Park. As residents of Prince Edward-Hastings, it’s important for us to know how we are being supported and represented by our MPP, and to know that he is accessible and transparent in his work.

TARGETED MEDIA: Lasting Connections – Loyalist College Alumni publication.

STORY IDEA:  Todd Smith, Alumni Profile – Todd Smith is not only a proud graduate of the Loyalist College Radio Broadcasting program, but has also been a strong supporter of the college and students. He has served as a member of the College’s Broadcast Journalism advisory committee and also the Journalism-Online, Print and Broadcast program. Prior to his role as MPP, Mr. Smith led a successful career in his chosen field having held the position of News Director for Quinte Broadcasting. This story will highlight the road to Mr. Smith’s professional success, contain advice and tips, and also feature fun anecdotes of lessons learned along the way.

– MC



My mission is to lead a happy, full and balanced life, where there is continued opportunity for spiritual, personal and intellectual growth.


Living a life of fun and excitement as I seek to make the most of every moment. I am a person in tune with the many facets of my being who inexcusably pursues a balanced life in my career, with family and friends. I am someone who looks at the positive in all of life’s challenges, and hopefully makes a difference in the lives of others by sharing these experiences.


  1. I value continuous learning, because knowledge is power
  2. I value kindness and compassion towards all people
  3. I value positive and healthy relationships that challenge and encourage me
  4. I value the truth and doing the right thing
  5. I value hard work and going the extra mile